First Zine Progress and Contest: Round Two!!

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A few weeks ago, I finished the pen work for my first zine. I’ve been very busy recently, but hope that sometime soon I’ll be able to get this zine scanned, printed, and watercolored. Then, once The Flea plush toy is ready, I’m planning on opening my online store! :D

Here are a few closeups of some pen work for the zine:

Zine Preview 4

Zine Preview 5

Zine Preview 6

As I mentioned before, my first zine is an illustrated Pre-Raphaelite poem. The poem will remain a secret until closer to the zine’s release. But I’ll give one free copy to the first person who can correctly guess which poem it is.

I’ve realized that I made this contest a little bit too hard. Thusly, I added a few more hints (#4 and #5). Also, be sure to check the comments of my post First Zine Progress and Contest!! for even more hints. I will be shocked if no one produces the correct answer this time!

Hint #1: The Seven Deadly Sins.

Hint #2: The poem is not “Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti.

Hint #3: More specifically than Hint #1 — The Seven Princes of Hell.

Hint #4: More specifically than Hint #3 — Mammon.

Hint #5: The poem was written by ONE of the three original Pre-Raphaelites — either William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, or Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

For a chance to win, either leave a comment below or (if you’d like to keep your guess secret from other contestants) shoot me an e-mail at — subject “First Zine Contest.”

Best of luck!!


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