Cannes/London 2013: Saturday, May 25th


Another view of the city.

Today, I tried to get into the afternoon screening of Only Lovers Left Alive, but didn’t get in. So hopefully I’ll be able to see it tomorrow. After standing in line, I had lunch with Alex(andra) and we geeked out about silly things like Being Human (BBC) and cosplaying.

Later, I met up with Sarah and went to the screening of Hitchcock’s Vertigo with her. Kim Novak was there and expressed some strange but interesting opinions. We ended up sitting about three seats away from her (!!!!!) and saw her outside the theater afterwards.


Kim Novak in “Vertigo.”
Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

Then, we had a tasty but late dinner. Sarah is hilarious and we were laughing so hard about movies like The Room and Mystery Men.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try and see a few more screenings and start to pack for London. :)


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Copyright 2013 by G. E. Gallas

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