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The Flea is on his way…

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-Character 3

Dear ladies and gentleman:

Here is an update on myself and The Poet and the Flea:

  • I had an amazing time at SPX (Small Press Expo) a few weeks ago. You can find out more here!
  • Director Mary Lachapelle and I have submitted our proposal for short film Death Is No Bad Friend to the first grant on our list. We’re excited to apply to more grants and hopefully hear some good news in the near future!
  • GUEST SPEAKER: I am ecstatic to announce I will be a guest speaker for Wendall K. Harrington’s “Visual Storytelling” course at Yale University School of Drama this December. To my understanding, her students study William Blake and create an animated project using The Songs of Innocence and of Experience. I can’t wait to share my knowledge of Blake and my approach to storytelling through words and images!

Visual Storytelling: This is a lecture, film, and…

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The Flea remains on the “Lamb”!

Originally posted on The Poet and the Flea:


Dear ladies and gentleman:

Here is a much overdue update on myself and The Poet and the Flea:

  • SPX (Small Press Expo) is only a few days away! I’m more or less ready — I just have to pack all my zines, prints, etc. into a suitcase. And I am incredibly excited for the two-day event. :)
  • I have been making a lot of progress on short film Death Is No Bad Friend with director Mary Lachapelle. For the last few months, we’ve been working on a proposal for a number of grants. And we are almost, almost, almost ready to send out our first one.
  • I’ve been continuing to work on The First Reich (thefirstreich.wordpress.com) about the Jewish-Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. I’ve penciled in pages 11 through 25, but haven’t had a chance to ink them in yet. I had a really wonderful meeting with writer Shannon…

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The Flea is on the “Lamb”!

Originally posted on The Poet and the Flea:

---Postcard 1

Dear ladies and gentleman:

Here is a much overdue update on myself and The Poet and the Flea:

  • As you may recall, I had emergency gallbladder surgery and pancreatitis this past January. Well, I hadn’t been feeling well since then and was back in the hospital with pancreatitis in April. Long story short, I’ve had a very rough year so far, but my health is finally back to normal!
  • I’ve continued work on short film Death Is No Bad Friend about Robert Louis Stevenson. As of this month, our director Mary Lachapelle is finally on board after graduating from Tulane, so we’re hoping to really get the ball rolling now.
  • I’ve been working on The First Reich (thefirstreich.wordpress.com) about the Jewish-Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich — specifically pages 11 through 25. I haven’t been able to work on this in a while, but I’m hoping to finish these pages…

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“The Poet and the Flea”: Behind the Scenes (Part 5)

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Since the beginning of December, I’ve been very busy working on the next 10 pages (pages 31 through 40) of The Poet and the Flea. Part of the challenge has been adjusting to a new (and temporary) workspace, but other than that it has been very therapeutic so far! Here is a little preview…

Behind the Scenes 2013 12

Behind the Scenes 2013 06

Behind the Scenes 2013 11

Behind the Scenes 2013 10

Behind the Scenes 2013 09

Behind the Scenes 2013 05

Behind the Scenes 2013 08

Behind the Scenes 2013 07

Behind the Scenes 2013 04

Behind the Scenes 2013 03

Behind the Scenes 2013 02


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Brief Update

Here is a brief update on my current creative projects and endeavors…!

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Thursday, November 15th

  1. Worked on The First Reich.
  2. Helped my mom, the abstract painter, set up her new WordPress blog: irenezweig.wordpress.com.
  3. Signed up with Scribd.com.
  4. Signed up with DoodlersAnonymous.com.

Friday, November 16th

  • E-mails, e-mails, e-mails…!

Saturday, November 17th

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed Seven Psychopaths. Very clever with brilliant characters, but actually extremely heartbreaking.
  2. Working on The Flea script.

Sunday, November 18th

  • Date night with Wes! (´ε` )♡

Monday, November 19th

  1. Applied to a few more fellowships/internships.
  2. Worked on color samples for Elias & The City of Cats.
  3. Today, was hired for a 4-day cat sitting job by our sweet neighbors Paula and Gabie. They want me to be with the cats as much as possible, so I figure I can earn a little extra cash while having a window of opportunity to do some work. I’m hoping to use the time to make some major headway on The Flea script — like a little writing marathon. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 20th

  1. Another wonderful meeting with Gabe! Showed him color samples for Elias and he seemed rather surprised at how colorful they are, but delighted! Now, I just have to finish up the second draft and then scan and send it all to Gabe so he can tinker around with the text some more.
  2. Worked on some upcoming blog posts.

Wednesday, November 21st

  1. Ran some last minute errands.
  2. Worked on some special illustration birthday/holiday presents with watercolor and pen!

Thursday, November 22nd

  1. Happy Turkey Day!!
  2. Worked on The First Reich.

Friday, November 23rd

  • Recovering from Thanksgiving…!

Saturday, November 24th

  • Family Bonding Day…!

Sunday, November 25th

  1. Date night with Wes! (´ε` )♡
  2. See additional post here.


  • The Poet and the Flea: 52 pages of written script (1 page of script = 4-6 illustrated pages), and about 36 pages (1-24, 27-30 completed, and 25-26, 31-36 in progress) of illustrated work.
  • The First Reich: about 1-6 pages of illustrated work in progress.

To Do:


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