Cannes/London 2013: Friday, May 24th


Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

Had a pretty laid back day today, mostly because I knew I already had a ticket to Michael Kohlhaas (so I didn’t have to worry about getting a ticket at the raffle or waiting in the rush line).

By the way, my dad e-mailed me an interesting tidbit about Michael Kohlhaas. Apparently, the original novella/character was the inspiration for the character Coalhouse Walker in E. L. Doctorow’s Ragtime — one of my favorite novels!


Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

Mary forgot her wallet at home today, so I went to the American Pavilion for a few minutes to hand it to her. There, I ran into Pip who told me that Walter (another American Pavilion mentor) said I was doing a great job on “Pip Squad” — getting there early and actually helping people by answering their questions, giving extra helpful information, and being patient. So that was nice. 🙂

I worked outside on the balcony for a few hours on my new short script Those Endless Nights and I think it’s going well. I’m actually almost done writing it!

While walking to the screening tonight and passing all the restaurants, I found myself standing about a foot away from Tilda Swinton!!! I think she might have been finishing a dinner meeting since I saw her shaking hands with someone. She seemed very tall and vibrant, and was wearing a very chic black suit. The whole thing was extremely surreal and I admit I almost hyperventilated afterwards, ha ha ha. I’m interested in seeing Only Lovers Left Alive, but I won’t attempt the gala screening because I don’t feel like fighting all the Tom Hiddleston fans.

Michael Kohlhaas was a difficult but interesting film — very hyper realistic, but not as violent as I expected (I guess I was preparing myself for ultra-violence like Valhalla Rising). I can definitely see how Doctorow was inspired by the novella and I’d be interested to read it (available for free on Wikisource). What was most amazing was watching the film in the same audience as Mads Mikkelsen!!! And it was great being able to clap for him where he could actually hear it. 😀

Zulu Premiere

Mads Mikkelsen and his wife Hanne Jacobsen on the red carpet!
Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

P.S. I think I forgot to mention this story from a few days ago. I was walking in the film market past TBS and found myself standing two feet away from Takashi Miike! It was very funny because he was being very touristy and taking lots of photos.


Waiting in line for “Michael Kohlhaas.”


Can’t get enough photos of this!


The Grand Théâtre Lumière.


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