Death Is No Bad Friend: Development and Crowdfunding

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As I mentioned previously, I am working very hard to put together an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for my short screenplay Death Is No Bad Friend about Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde). I am very determined to produce this film and submit the finished piece to the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, etc.

I am currently rounding up an amazing cast and crew, including the lovely and talented Mary Lachapelle and Jacqueline Lehr (both of whom I met at Cannes 2013) as well as the equally lovely and talented Shannon Brady (author of The First Reich). All three are passionate, unique, and motivated individuals and, as we develop this project, I hope to recruit a number of similarly amazing individuals to our team. With their help, I hope to bring Death Is No Bad Friend to life!!!

Indiegogo is a difficult challenge, but just a little support from each one of my WordPress followers will help us reach our goal. Ideally, I’d like to raise somewhere between $5,000 and $20,000 — the more money we raise, the higher the quality of the production and the more we’ll be able to pay the cast and crew. Currently, I have 2,897 followers. If everyone gives $5 to our campaign, we will have $14,485. In other words, just a little can go a long way. And the more money you give, the more cool perks you’ll receive — like a copy of the script autographed by the entire cast/crew or a special Death Is No Bad zine illustrated by yours truly. More details to come!

By funding Death Is No Bad Friend, you will be helping to launch the careers of a number of young filmmakers! Even just helping us spread the word through WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will be a tremendously helpful! We truly appreciate all your help!!!


About the script…

Logline: Robert Louis attempts to escape his guilty conscience through honeymooning on Mount Saint Helena. But his illness catches up, forcing him to face his demons.

Quarter finalist in the 2013 CWA (Creative World Arwards).

2nd round qualifier in the Kaos Films British Short Screenplay Competition 2012, judged by Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Death Is No Bad Friend is a poetic script that relies on imagery to evoke a morose feeling. The language is very well-crafted, with the characters’ style of speech accurate for the time period. Because the descriptions are succinct but also written in a similar style, the script reads easily and quickly while creating clear images of the locations.” –Feedback from the 2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.


Tentative schedule…

August 2013: I have been busy recruiting cast/crew, putting together research, scouting locations, and drafting the Indiegogo campaign.

September 2013: We will film the trailer for the Indiegogo campaign.

October 2013: We will launch the Indiegogo campgain!!!

November/December 2013: We will deliver perks to our funders.

January 2014: We will shoot the short film in San Francisco and Colfax, California.

Spring 2014: Post-production and submit to Cannes.

May 2014: The Cannes Film Festival 2014. 🙂


The crew so far…

Mary Lachapelle, Director

Mary Smiling 2

Jacqueline Lehr, Director of Photography

Jacqueline Camera 1

Shannon Brady, Videographer


G. E. Gallas, Screenwriter/Producer

Geri Jan 2012


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Copyright 2013 by G. E. Gallas


About gegallas

G. E. Gallas is a writer and illustrator best known for her graphic novel The Poet and the Flea about William Blake and her short film Death Is No Bad Friend about Robert Louis Stevenson. Originally from Washington, D. C., she spent her year abroad in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from New York University: Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a major involving cross-cultural storytelling. Last year, she attended the Cannes International Film Festival and spoke upon invitation to The Blake Society, London. This year, her illustrations were featured in Scared Stiff: Everything You Need To Know About 50 Famous Phobias. She is currently working on illustrations for Do More Good. Better. View all posts by gegallas

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