New Year’s Resolutions 2014: End-of-the-Year Evaluation!

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  1. Fund and film my first short, Death Is No Bad FriendI have come very far with this resolution, but I’m still working incredibly hard to see it through to the end! Through Indiegogo, we raised about $3,000 — which is a wonderful start. For months, director Mary Lachapelle and I have been putting together a proposal in order to apply to a number of grants to fund the rest. Although we didn’t receive any money, we made it to the top 20 of the Roy W. Dean Grant, which means we must be headed in the right direction. 🙂 We are currently on Creative District (, where we could potentially be awarded $5,000. As we continue to apply to grants, we have started working with our cinematographer Jacqueline Lehr on developing our visual approach and aesthetic for the film. We plan on launching another crowdfunding campaign early next year. For more information, please visit
  2. Finish the script for The Poet and the Flea. As of June 10th, I finally finished the script for all three volumes of The Poet and the Flea!
  3. Work on the next 10 illustrated pages of The Poet and the Flea. In January, I finished illustrating pages 31 through 40 of The Poet and the Flea! As of this month, I have finished inking pages 41 through 60 and have begun shading those pages as well. Furthermore, I have started penciling pages 61 through 73 and hope to finish volume one (95 pages) before July 2015.
  4. Work on the next 10 illustrated pages of The First Reich. A number of months ago, I was able to work on illustrating pages 11 through 25 of The First Reich. I really didn’t get to do as much as I had wanted to for Reich this year. Next year, I really want to get back to work on this amazing project!
  5. Find a publisher and/or agent to represent my work. I’ve had a very tough time trying to find an agent to represent my work. 😦 So early next year, I plan to submit The Poet and the Flea directly to publishers. If this doesn’t work out, I’d like to self-publish volume one as the first book in my own publishing company, Radiant Pessimist Press ( I think I’ll use Kickstarter as a way for everyone to pre-order The Poet and the Flea: Volume One. Then, I’d like to premiere the first volume at SPX 2015!
  6. Get settled in Washington, D.C. I think I’m finally getting a bit used to being back in the D.C. area. I’ve been trying very hard to make new friends and keep up with old ones. I have a wonderful new boyfriend who I’ve been going out with since August. I feel like I met many amazing people through DC Zinefest and SPX. I’d like to keep working on this one…
  7. Attend some more film festivals. I haven’t had any time to do this yet, but I figure if we complete Death Is No Bad Friend and enter it into a number of festivals/competitions as we’ve planned, I’ll be able to go then. 😀
  8. Get a decent part-time job and earn a little money. Although I haven’t gotten a steady part-time job, I’m excited to have earned a little bit of money doing what I love this year. I’ve sold more work through my online store and various alternative press conventions than I anticipated. I’ve had a few small freelance projects here and there. I was just hired for a somewhat big freelance job this month, which I am very excited about! It also seems I might have a few more freelance projects on the horizon. Baby steps!!
  9. Perhaps invest in some film equipment and/or filmmaking software. I’ve looked into this a bit, but I haven’t invested in anything yet. This is definitely on the back burner for now, but I’ll keep it in mind.
  10. Very long-term goal: Move to Brooklyn! I’ve been working on this, but it’s still a very long-term goal. However, I might be back in NYC for a while if I get into one of two summer publishing programs I plan on applying for. We’ll see how it goes…!


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G. E. Gallas is a writer and illustrator best known for her graphic novel The Poet and the Flea about William Blake and her short film Death Is No Bad Friend about Robert Louis Stevenson. Originally from Washington, D. C., she spent her year abroad in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from New York University: Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a major involving cross-cultural storytelling. Last year, she attended the Cannes International Film Festival and spoke upon invitation to The Blake Society, London. This year, her illustrations were featured in Scared Stiff: Everything You Need To Know About 50 Famous Phobias. She is currently working on illustrations for Do More Good. Better. View all posts by gegallas

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