Death Is No Bad Friend

Siren’s Gaze Productions presents

Death Is No Bad Friend

A short film about Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) in San Francisco. Louis attempts to escape his guilty conscience through honeymooning on Mount Saint Helena. But his illness catches up, forcing him to face his demons.

Watch the trailer:

Kyle Trailer 04

Starring Kyle Duke Adamiec, Kari Wishingrad, and Larry Laverty

Director of Photography: Jacqueline Lehr

Written by G. E. Gallas

Directed by Mary Lachapelle

Produced by James Steel, Mimi Zweig, Mary Lachapelle, and G. E. Gallas


Based on the life and works of Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure IslandStrange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde).

San Francisco, California, 1880 — Robert Louis Stevenson is distraught by the illness of his landlord’s young child. Louis finds himself unable to put pen to paper and drowns his sorrows in laudanum.

He turns to the child’s doctor for hope, but finds none.

Louis’s thoughts turn to his ordeal of traveling across America to San Francisco in pursuit of Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne. He remembers feverishly writing his friend Edmund Gosse and is troubled by visions of a brutal fire.

Reunited, Louis proposes to Fanny that they marry as soon as possible and honeymoon on Mount Saint Helena. But Louis is plagued with unbridled guilt and a sudden episode of illness forces him to face his demons.

  • Top 20 of the Roy W. Dean Grant.
  • Raised about $3,000 through Indiegogo.
  • Screenplay was a quarter finalist in the 2013 CWA (Creative World Awards).
  • Screenplay was a 2nd round qualifier in the Kaos Films British Short Screenplay Competition 2012.
  • “Death Is No Bad Friend is a poetic script that relies on imagery to evoke a morose feeling. The language is very well-crafted, with the characters’ style of speech accurate for the time period. Because the descriptions are succinct but also written in a similar style, the script reads easily and quickly while creating clear images of the locations.” –Feedback from the 2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.


Copyright 2012-2015 by G. E. Gallas


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