Scared Stiff

 Scared Stiff

Everything You Need to Know About 50 Famous Phobias

Written by Sara Latta

Illustrated by G. E. Gallas

13 Scared Stiff Geri

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Fear is a primal human emotion, and it often does play an important role in keeping us safe from threats. It’s part of our evolutionary makeup, after all. But fears can also spiral out of control, and if your perfectly reasonable fear of snakes has metastasized to the point that you run screaming from every uncoiled hose, then (news flash!) you’ve got yourself a phobia. Human phobias are strange, diverse, and actually have the power to teach us a lot about who we are and where we came from. And in this book, author Sarah Latta blends biology, psychology, history, and pop culture to provide a comprehensive account of 50 essential fears, from arachnophobia to zoophobia.

1 heights_Scared Stiff

Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

9 plants_Scared Stiff

Botanophobia: Fear of Plants

Neophobia: Fear of New Things/Experiences

Neophobia: Fear of New Things/Experiences


Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

Agoraphobia: Fear of Public or Open Spaces

Ailurophobia: Fear of Cats

Aquaphobia: Fear of Water

Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders

Astraphobia: Fear of Thunderstorms

Ataxophobia: Fear of Disorder

Aviophobia: Fear of Flying

Botanophobia: Fear of Plants

Chiroptophobia: Fear of Bats

Claustrophobia: Fear of Confined Spaces

Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns

Cynophobia: Fear of Dogs

Dentophobia: Fear of Dentists

Didaskaleinophobia: Fear of School

Entomophobia: Fear of Insects

Equinophobia: Fear of Horses

Gephyrophobia: Fear of Crossing Bridges

Hemophobia: Fear of Blood

Kakorraphiaphobia: Fear of Failure

Kinemortophobia: Fear of Zombies

Koumpounophobia: Fear of Buttons

Musophobia: Fear of Mice or Rats

Mysophobia: Fear of Germs

Neophobia: Fear of New Things or Experiences

Nomopohbia: Fear of Being Out of Mobile Phone Contact

Nosocomephobia: Fear of Hospitals

Nyctophobia: Fear of Darkness

Obesophobia: Fear of Becoming Fat

Ophidiophobia: Fear of Snakes

Ornithophobia: Fear of Birds

Parasitophobia: Fear of Parasites

Pediophobia: Fear of Dolls

Phobophobia: Fear of Phobias

Pogonophobia: Fear of Beards

Pyrophobia: Fear of Fire

Radiophobia: Fear of Radiation

Selachophobia: Fear of Sharks

Sinistrophobia: Fear of Left-Handedness

Social Phobia: Social Anxiety Disorder

Somniphobia: Fear of Sleep

Spectrophobia: Fear of Mirrors

Swinophobia: Fear of Pigs

Taphophobia: Fear of Being Buried Alive

Thanatophobia: Fear of Death

Topophobia: Fear of Performing

Triskaidekaphobia: Fear of Thirteen

Trypanophobia: Fear of Needles

Urophobia: Fear of Urination

Wiccaphobia: Fear of Witches


Copyright 2013-2015 by G. E. Gallas



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