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Celebrating 100 Posts!

I can’t believe it, but this is my 100th post to gegallas.wordpress.com!!

I started this blog in March of last year, not knowing where it would take me. It’s quite incredible how many amazing people are here on WordPress and that they have and continue to visit my humble blog.

For my 100th post, I’d like to share a drawing I’ve been meaning to squeeze in somewhere for a long time. This drawing is from August 2011, but really marks the point at which I discovered, after a long hiatus due to college, that I could enjoy drawing again.

December 2012 - 3

For my 100th post, I’d like to ask two important but simple favors from my readers:

  1. For those of you who have yet to check out my graphic novel The Poet and the Flea, it would be a great honor if you would go over to thepoetandtheflea.wordpress.com and check it out!
  2. If you’d like to receive notifications on Facebook about my new WordPress posts, please follow/like me at www.facebook.com/gegallas!

By the way, if you’re interested in checking out my 99 previous posts, head over to the contents page by either clicking on “contents” at the top of this blog or by clicking the following link: gegallas.wordpress.com/contents.

Thank you very much and I look forward to writing the next hundred posts of this blog!!!


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The One Lovely Blog Award + The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


Another award!!! I’d like to thank T. Jay Santa Ana (artbyanto.com) very very very much for nominating me for The One Lovely Blog Award + The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Be sure to check out T. Jay’s awesome graphic design and illustration work. 🙂



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Instead of writing another “7 things about yourself” list, I thought I’d share my 7 top favorite obscure films list (in no particular order)!

I’d be interested to know how obscure these films really are (as in if any of my followers/readers have ever seen these).

P. S. I’m afraid a number of them might possibly star Laurence Harvey, aha ha ha. Threw in a few Japanese titles as well.

  1. I Am a Camera (1955)
  2. The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001)
  3. The Cat’s Meow (2001)
  4. Life at the Top (1965)
  5. The Clone Returns Home/Kurôn wa Kokyô wo Mezasu (2008)
  6. Confessions/Kokuhaku (2010)
  7. The Ceremony (1963)



So much talent on WordPress!

  1. parametricdrawing.com
  2. thecumulusfactory.wordpress.com
  3. illustratedmustache.wordpress.com
  4. streethearts.net
  5. gehennagate.wordpress.com
  6. caseprint.co.uk
  7. magneticcrow.com
  8. blakebradyartwork.com
  9. desultorydigest.wordpress.com
  10. greenhornphotos.com


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Copyright 2013 by G. E. Gallas

Correspondence with The Blake Society

"Night Startled by the Lark" (1820) by William Blake

“Night Startled by the Lark” (1820) by William Blake

The other day, I got in touch with The Blake Society (www.blakesociety.org) hoping to bring their attention to The Poet and the Flea and to ask them about next year’s Blake Society Tithe Grant.

To my surprise and delight, The Blake Society had already heard of my graphic novel and had made an announcement on their December newsletter as well as their Facebook page.

I think it’s really wonderful that The Blake Society seems to keep tabs on as many Blake-related projects as possible. They have a great website with many resources, including a full biography of William Blake and links to other useful sites.

If only I were in London, I would have joined this society long ago. But San Francisco is so far away and I’m unaware of any local societies here (although according to The Blake Society, there was a William Blake society in Palo Alto around 1940 😀 ).


Excerpt from The Blake Society December newsletter:


A  new graphic novel is being published in installments on the web.  The Poet and the Flea is written and illustrated by G. E. Gallas and a new page appears every Wednesday.  Gallas is inspired by Blake as ‘the junction between Dante Alighieri and Allen Ginsberg’.


Excerpt from The Black Society on Facebook:

The Poet and the Flea is a new online graphic novel by G. E. Gallas which re-imagines the life of Blake. A new page is added every Wednesday; today we reach page 7, when William tells Kate about seeing a tree full of angels.


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Copyright 2012 by G. E. Gallas

Brief Update

Here is a brief update on my current creative projects and endeavors…!

★ Important Note: “The Poet and the Flea 100 Day Countdown to the Premiere” is underway!! Join us on TumblrTwitter, and Facebook!

Friday, August 24th

  1. Continuing work on The Flea and The Man…
  2. Yesterday, received e-mail from Shannon. She has finished the entire first draft of our graphic novel collaboration entitled The First Reich!!! After she does some editing, she’ll be sending me a copy to read — I can’t wait… ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Saturday, August 25th

  • Taking a little break…

Sunday, August 26th

  1. Continuing work on The Flea and The Man…
  2. Received e-mail from a writer interested in collaborating on a children’s book. In the process of scheduling a meeting.
  3. Two more Pixel-Flick Alliance meetings have been scheduled — one on September 15th and the other on the 22nd.

Monday, August 27th

  1. Continuing work on The Flea and The Man…
  2. After some correspondence, have scheduled a meeting with J.R. (jrbiche.wordpress.com) to further discuss his potential web series. Meeting on Monday, September 10th.

Tuesday, August 28th

  • Continuing work on The Flea and The Man…

Wednesday, August 29th

  1. Continuing work on The Flea and The Man…
  2. For Robert Louis Stevenson research, began reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  3. Planning to sign up with OnlineComics.net.
  4. Planning to contact Graphic Ladies!? on Tumblr about The Poet and the Flea.

Thursday, August 30th

  1. Continued research for The Poet and the Flea.
  2. Completed short screenplay The Man Who Never Smiled.
  3. E-mail correspondence with potential production company about The Man Who Never Smiled.
  4. E-mail correspondence with potential director/producer for Robots Are a Girl’s Best Friend.
  5. E-mail correspondence with Brian (Pixel Flick Entertainment). Brian became the new organizer for the meetup.com group “San Francisco Movie Makers,” hoping to get more people interested in the Alliance. Would love to see the Alliance grow!
  6. Did not make it to the next round of  The Austin Film Festival Screenplay Contest. As I said before, I just have to keep doing what I’m doing. There are still about 5 more I’m waiting to hear back from. Anything could happen!

Friday, August 31st

  1. Working on the script for The Poet and the Flea!
  2. E-mail correspondence with potential production company about The Man Who Never Smiled.

Saturday, September 1st – Sunday, September 2nd

  1. Taking a little break…
  2. Continuing to read Jekyll and Hyde — it’s incredibly different from any adaptation I have come across. Fascinating!
  3. Bought a JPLT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N1 textbook from Kinokuniya. Started reviewing the material, and believe it was money well spent. Not sure if I’ll actually take the test, but would be a nice addition to my résumé. If I decide to apply to The JET Programme as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations), would be very helpful!

JLPT N1 Textbook!!

Monday, September 3rd

  1. Continuing work on The Flea…
  2. Shannon sent me the entire draft of our graphic novel collaboration, The First Reich. In the process of reading and taking lots of notes. Project will require much period fashion/settings research, but is a welcome challenge!

Tuesday, September 4th

  1. Today, I found out some exciting news. I hadn’t realized that anything was announced since I received no e-mail. But I checked the Kaos Films website, and lo and behold. My screenplay Death Is No Bad Friend is one of 292 qualifiers (semi-finalists) in the Kaos Films British Short Screenplay Competition 2012. (This means my script will most likely be read by judge Sir Kenneth Branagh!!) The finalists should be announced sometime around January. Awesome!
  2. Continuing work on The Flea and The First Reich.
  3. E-mail correspondence with potential director/producer for Robots Are a Girl’s Best Friend.
  4. Finished reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I think it was a good experience. Next, thinking of reading The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells.
  5. By the way, I’ve just developed a new, little obsession with bats. Just look at their faces below!!  (゜▽゜;) Perhaps I’ll eventually develop a comic or children’s book with a protagonist named “Fluffernutter the Bat”™?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these bat photographs!!


  • The Poet and the Flea: 45 pages of written script (1 page of script = 4-6 illustrated pages), and about 36 pages (1-18, 21-23, 27-30 completed, and 19-20, 24-26, 31-36 in progress) of illustrated work.

To Do:

  • Meeting with writer for children’s book on Monday, September 10th (noon).
  • Meeting with J.R. on Monday, September 10th (2 p.m.).
  • Schedule one-on-one meeting with Brian (Pixel Flick Entertainment).
  • Pixel-Flick Alliance Meetup on Saturday, September 15th.
  • Pixel-Flick Networking Event on Saturday, September 22nd.
  • Work on research, character sketches, etc. for Shannon.
  • Schedule second meeting with Shannon.
  • Sign up with IMDbPro.
  • Apply to the Bluecat Screenplay Competition (before October 15th).
  • Sign up with Top Web Comics: Comic Rankings.
  • Sign up with OnlineComics.net.
  • Contact Graphic Ladies!?


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Copyright 2012 by G. E. Gallas