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“Do More Good. Better.” Illustrations: Part 2

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Do More Good. Better. by Steve Scheier is a freelance project I worked on starting last October and finished this January. Here are my rough draft illustrations:

DMGB Sketch 1

DMGB Sketch 2

DMGB Sketch 3

DMGB Sketch 60

DMGB Sketch 4

DMGB Sketch 5

DMGB Sketch 6

DMGB Sketch 61

DMGB Sketch 8

DMGB Sketch 9

DMGB Sketch 10

DMGB Sketch 11

DMGB Sketch 12

DMGB Sketch 13

DMGB Sketch 14

DMGB Sketch 62

DMGB Sketch 73

DMGB Sketch 15

DMGB Sketch 16

DMGB Sketch 17

DMGB Sketch 18

DMGB Sketch 19

DMGB Sketch 20

DMGB Sketch 63

DMGB Sketch 21

DMGB Sketch 22

DMGB Sketch 23

DMGB Sketch 24

DMGB Sketch 25

DMGB Sketch 64

DMGB Sketch 26

DMGB Sketch 27

DMGB Sketch 28

DMGB Sketch 65

DMGB Sketch 29

DMGB Sketch 30***

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“Do More Good. Better.” Illustrations: Part 1

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Do More Good. Better. by Steve Scheier is a freelance project I worked on starting last October and finished this January. Here are some preliminary character designs and illustration ideas:

DMGB Sample 1

DMGB Sample 2

DMGB Sample 3

DMGB Sample 4

DMGB Sample 5

DMGB Sample 6

DMGB Sample 7

DMGB Sample 8

DMGB Sample 9

DMGB Sample 10

DMGB Sample 11

DMGB Sample 12


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Art Feature: The First Reich on Storyacious.com

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Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 10.15.06 AM

I was recently interviewed by Storyacious Editor Jenny Bhatt about graphic novel The First Reich, written by Shannon Brady and illustrated by me about the Jewish-Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. The article features a sneak peak of three full pages of the graphic novel! Check out the article here:




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Much Ado About Bubbie: Bubbie’s Mad About Hamm

This is an idea I had a while back for a comedic blog about my Bubbie and her antics. If you all enjoy this, perhaps I’ll write a few more, such as how Bubbie voted entirely Democratic except for Mitt Romney because she thinks he’s handsome or how Bubbie now has a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal because he’s a “nice Jewish boy.”


Much Ado About Bubbie

Bubbie (noun): A term of endearment for a Jewish Grandmother.

Example: My Bubbie doesn’t keep kosher outside of the house.

My sister Sydney, Bubbie, and me.

Bubbie’s Mad About Hamm

My Bubbie Isabelle has a crush on Jon Hamm.

Just like the rest of the family, Bubbie tunes into Mad Men every Sunday night to watch the admen of 1960s Madison Avenue drink, smoke, whore, and gossip – not to mention dish out sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic dialogue by the second, all of which (with the exception of the anti-Semitic variety) go unprotested by my Bubbie, a true product of the time.

To me, the series is a literary masterpiece on film regardless of how small the screen. To Bubbie, it’s just another one of her “weekly stories,” on par with General Hospital and The Young and the Restless.

Jon Hamm plays the brooding protagonist slash advertising genius, Donald Draper, on the show. Ever since reading in The Kansas City Star that the handsome actor is a St. Louis native, Bubbie – who’s lived in Missouri for over seventy years – has harbored a vicarious pride for Mr. Hamm. Much to my family’s embarrassment, this is not Bubbie’s first crush on a man that is at least a decade younger than my dad.

One time on vacation, while my family was checking into the Waldorf Astoria for a night, Bubbie was mesmerized by the dazzling charm and good looks of an Israeli desk clerk.

What a five-foot tall, eighty-something-year-old – complete with her teased-and-set helmet hair, her rhinestoned schoolteacher sweaters, and her constrictive girdle that makes her waddle – would want with a thirty-something-year-old desk clerk was not exactly a welcomed thought in my thirteen-year-old brain.

…a thought that was only exacerbated by the phrase Bubbie used to convey her attraction to the young man:

“He can put his shoes under my bed any day!”

Bubbie employs the same phrase in regards to Jon Hamm.

Whenever I phone Bubbie, my curiosity always gets the better of me. I can’t help but ask her what she thought of the most recent episode of Mad Men. And just like that, she goes off on her classic rant.

Firstly, Bubbie is angry at the show for not portraying the 60s how she remembers it, what with the show’s excessive drinking, smoking, and sex in the office. “When I worked in an office, they didn’t do that kind of stuff!”

Furthermore, Bubbie not only treats Jon Hamm as if he truly exists during the 1960s, but as if Jon Hamm is accountable for his character Don Draper’s actions. Whenever Don Draper does something that Bubbie doesn’t approve of (for instance, whenever Don has sex with a woman he’s not married to – an incident that occurs almost every episode and with what seems like a different woman every time), Bubbie is not only upset with but in disbelief that Jon Hamm would do such a thing, as if she’s oblivious to the profession of acting.

That’s when Bubbie whips out yet another one of her famous phrases, this time to express her disappointment with Jon Hamm’s behavior:

“Why, it’s disgusting!”


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