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Brief Update

Here is a brief update on my current creative projects and endeavors…!

  1. Saturday (June 9th),  sent e-mails in response to a few Craigslist “Looking for Screenwriters” postings…
  2. …on June 24th, going to attend first meeting for indiefilmprojects.org!!!
  3. The Poet and the Flea: 34 pages of written script (1 page of script = 4-6 illustrated pages), and about 30 pages (1-6 completed, and 6-30 in progress) of illustrated work.
  4. Apologies for the-poet-and-the-flea.tumblr.com as there is next to no content there so far. I think I’ll start posting there closer to the premiere (hopefully September 15th, if not sooner or later). Otherwise, check out thepoetandtheflea.wordpress.com!
  5. By the way, for your information, wix.com has automatically changed my homepage address to gegallas.wix.com/writer.
  6. Going to apply to the Screenwriting Goldmine Competition. Information updated on “Applications” post, here.
  7. Thinking of signing up with IMDbPro.

To Do:

  • June 24th: Attend first Indie Film Projects meeting.
  • Sign up with IMDbPro.
  • Apply to Screenwriting Goldmine Competition
  • Apply to the Bluecat Screenplay Competition
  • Apply to The American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest


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