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Cannes/London 2013: Monday, May 27th


Goodbye for now!


At the airport in Nice, France.

Au revoir, Cannes — Hello, London!

Today was, as you can image, a bit exhausting — flying from Cannes via Brussels to London. I enjoyed seeing the Belgium landscape from the sky — all the little houses and even an old castle-like estate. The airport in Brussels however was a real pain! So I was quite happy when I arrived at Heathrow.

I took the Heathrow Express into town, which was so easy, and a taxi from Paddington Station (so I wouldn’t have to schlep my enormous suitcase around) to Russell Square. The taxi driver was so friendly and even talked with me about David Bowie! Plus, he had a super cool turquoise cab.🙂


Inside Paddington Station.


Love those classic British taxis!

After getting settled at the hotel, I explored Russell Square. The green square is quite beautiful, the British Museum is right on the other side, and the tube station is very convenient.


The Hotel Russell.


Can I stay here next time?


Now I feel like a tourist.


Beautiful Russell Square.


More Russell Square.


Statue of Francis Russell, Duke of Bedford.


Detail of the Hotel Russell.


Now I really feel like a tourist.


Russell Station.

At 8 p.m., Simon (shipscooksstuff.wordpress.com) and co. picked me up at my hotel to take me to some local pubs and tell me the history of the city I would otherwise never hear. They were all so friendly, patient, and knowledgable. And I had a truly wonderful time with them!!

Thankfully, we didn’t stay out too late because I have quite a busy (but exciting) day tomorrow.


After my trip, Simon sent me an incredibly detailed account of everything we saw and did. Many many many thanks to Simon!!

1) The Newman Arms as featured in Michael Powel’s film Peeping Tom was the pub with the passage down the side that was shut. That was in Fitzrovia named after the Duke of Fitzroy, one of Charles II’s illegitimate offspring.

2) Then, we crossed Oxford Street into Soho, visited Soho Square with the statue of Charles II and the Huguenot Church. Mary Seacole lived there.

3) Garlic and Shots was the place in Frith Street where we had the honey and garlic vodka.

4) Upstairs at The French House was where we had the pastis (the French substitute for Absinth). Favourite pub of Robert Plant, but also loved by Oliver Reed, Guns N’ Roses and Aleister Crowley.


Inside The French House.

5) The Coach and Horses was the traditional British pub much loved by journos, Sean Bean and Tom Baker that was recreated on stage for the play Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell.


Inside The Coach and Horses.

6) Then, we took a walk through Chinatown.

7) Then, we visited De Hems Dutch Cafe Bar, where I had the strawberry beer Fruli from Belgium.

8) Then, on our way up Dean Street, we passed Quo Vadis the exclusive restaurant in the building where Karl Marx lived when he was in London.


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Cannes/London 2013: Sunday, May 26th


Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston in “Only Lovers Left Alive.”
Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!


I think I love this movie for all the wrong reasons…
Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

Today was my last real day in Cannes and I had a very fun time!

In the early afternoon, I met up with Sarah to see Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra, which was great to see on a big screen (since it’s only playing on HBO in the U.S.). I thought Matt Damon and Michael Douglas were very convincing in the roles and the costumes/makeup were amazing!

Afterwards, I went to see Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive and loved it. I really don’t know if it was supposed to be, but I found the film absolutely hilarious. I mean, there were so many lines/references that made me laugh out loud and I way really the only one in the audience who laughed! I very much enjoyed all the actor’s performances — Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, John Hurt, Mia Wasikowska, Anton Yelchin, and Jeffery Wright. Also, the cinematography was very clever and the whole feel of the movie was a side of Jarmusch I haven’t seen before. I’d like to see it again once it’s released in the States!🙂

Almost done packing. Off to London tomorrow!


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Cannes/London 2013: Saturday, May 25th


Another view of the city.

Today, I tried to get into the afternoon screening of Only Lovers Left Alive, but didn’t get in. So hopefully I’ll be able to see it tomorrow. After standing in line, I had lunch with Alex(andra) and we geeked out about silly things like Being Human (BBC) and cosplaying.

Later, I met up with Sarah and went to the screening of Hitchcock’s Vertigo with her. Kim Novak was there and expressed some strange but interesting opinions. We ended up sitting about three seats away from her (!!!!!) and saw her outside the theater afterwards.


Kim Novak in “Vertigo.”
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Then, we had a tasty but late dinner. Sarah is hilarious and we were laughing so hard about movies like The Room and Mystery Men.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try and see a few more screenings and start to pack for London.🙂


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Cannes/London 2013: Friday, May 24th


Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

Had a pretty laid back day today, mostly because I knew I already had a ticket to Michael Kohlhaas (so I didn’t have to worry about getting a ticket at the raffle or waiting in the rush line).

By the way, my dad e-mailed me an interesting tidbit about Michael Kohlhaas. Apparently, the original novella/character was the inspiration for the character Coalhouse Walker in E. L. Doctorow’s Ragtime — one of my favorite novels!


Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

Mary forgot her wallet at home today, so I went to the American Pavilion for a few minutes to hand it to her. There, I ran into Pip who told me that Walter (another American Pavilion mentor) said I was doing a great job on “Pip Squad” — getting there early and actually helping people by answering their questions, giving extra helpful information, and being patient. So that was nice.🙂

I worked outside on the balcony for a few hours on my new short script Those Endless Nights and I think it’s going well. I’m actually almost done writing it!

While walking to the screening tonight and passing all the restaurants, I found myself standing about a foot away from Tilda Swinton!!! I think she might have been finishing a dinner meeting since I saw her shaking hands with someone. She seemed very tall and vibrant, and was wearing a very chic black suit. The whole thing was extremely surreal and I admit I almost hyperventilated afterwards, ha ha ha. I’m interested in seeing Only Lovers Left Alive, but I won’t attempt the gala screening because I don’t feel like fighting all the Tom Hiddleston fans.

Michael Kohlhaas was a difficult but interesting film — very hyper realistic, but not as violent as I expected (I guess I was preparing myself for ultra-violence like Valhalla Rising). I can definitely see how Doctorow was inspired by the novella and I’d be interested to read it (available for free on Wikisource). What was most amazing was watching the film in the same audience as Mads Mikkelsen!!! And it was great being able to clap for him where he could actually hear it.😀

Zulu Premiere

Mads Mikkelsen and his wife Hanne Jacobsen on the red carpet!
Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

P.S. I think I forgot to mention this story from a few days ago. I was walking in the film market past TBS and found myself standing two feet away from Takashi Miike! It was very funny because he was being very touristy and taking lots of photos.


Waiting in line for “Michael Kohlhaas.”


Can’t get enough photos of this!


The Grand Théâtre Lumière.


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Cannes/London 2013: Thursday, May 23rd


Breakfast from a real french bakery. I think I’m overdosing on pastries!

I had a rather wonderful day today.

This morning, I received an e-mail 99.9% confirming an upcoming paid freelance illustration job!!

I more or less finished my new short script entitled This Extraneous Evil and continued work on the next new short Those Endless Nights. (You can read a bit more about both these scripts under the “Works” section on my homepage: gegallas.wix.com/writer).

Jesús invited me to the gala screening for Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, which was extremely generous of him. I knew the film wouldn’t exactly be my cup of tea, but I’m glad I saw it at Cannes and got to be in the same audience as Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern. So thank you very much Jesús!!!


Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!

I had the most extraordinary coincidence happen to me on the bus. I was telling a fellow American Pavillion student how much I adore Mads Mikkelsen (ever since Casino Royale, I’ve watched as many of his films as I’ve been able to get my hands on… and, as you can imagine, I’m a Hannibal fan as well) and how much I wanted to see his new film Michael Kohlhaas. A gentleman from London sitting in front of us overheard our conversation and gave me his gala ticket to the film (!!!!!!!!!) because he wouldn’t have time to go. I thanked him profusely, told him about The Poet and the Flea and gave him my postcard. So amazing!


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Cannes/London 2013: Wednesday, May 22nd


Those crazy yachts.

Today, I went back to the morning shift after yesterday’s torture. Yay!

I’ve almost finished the first short script I started yesterday and have created detailed notes for the next. Very excited!


The screening room for Campus MovieFest.

In the afternoon, I attended the Campus MovieFest screening and had a great time. I met a few San Francisco Bay Area Filmmakers who would like me to send them my scripts. Also, it’s very interesting to see what other young filmmakers are creating. Some shorts had amazing production quality but maybe not the best scripts. Others were a bit more rough, but had great characters and stories.

Afterwards, I ended up hanging out with Mary and Jacqueline for the rest of the afternoon trying to brainstorm a great name for our production company! More details to come.🙂


The gorgeous water.


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Cannes/London 2013: Tuesday, May 21st

Today, I had a very rough time. I was forced to sit in the sun for 6 hours doing nothing. For those of you who don’t know, I am incredibly pale and very sensitive to the sun. I went equipped with an umbrella for a parasol and 110 SPF sunscreen. Even so, I felt incredibly nauseous and headachy by the end of those hours. I’m going to try very hard to get back my morning shift so I can be out of the sun and actually useful.

In the meantime, I’ve started writing a few new short scripts. I can’t say much about them yet, but I hope to accumulate a backlog of shorts so I can offer a variety to all the directors and producers I may meet tomorrow at the Campus MovieFest Screening, etc.

The best thing about today was running into Jesús. We got to chat much more and discuss each other’s projects in much greater detail. He gave me some interesting advice and ideas. And I was happy to discuss my screenplays in further detail with him.🙂

Another cool occurrence is that Mary, Jacqueline, and Alicia want to create a production company together with me! Mary as director, Jacqueline as cinematographer, me as screenwriter, and Alicia in charge of documentaries. I hope to brainstorm ideas with them later.

Also, I saw James Franco again today — once arriving at the American Pavilion and once leaving. Plus the other day at the red carpet makes three times in total. So strange!


Disclaimer: I do not own this image!!


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