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I’m okay, but…

Hey everyone:

Just wanted to tell you that I was in a minor car accident yesterday. I’m okay, other than a little bruising and soreness.

After a wonderful date with Wes (we went to the San Francisco Zoo and had so much fun), I got a taxi home. The taxi wasn’t paying attention and crashed into the back of a stopped bus.

I was a little shaken up, but thankfully there was a wonderful lady named Tricia there to help and comfort me. A fireman checked to make sure I didn’t have any broken bones.

I’ll be taking a little time off from illustration, just until the soreness in my hand and shoulders goes away. But the premiere of The Poet and the Flea on Wednesday, November 28th is definitely still on!!

Anyway, I hope everyone stays safe (and makes sure to wear a seat belt, even in a taxi)!


G. E


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