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Welcome to the blog of screenwriter, author, and illustrator G. E. Gallas!

Here is a brief introduction about me:

Ever since elementary school, I have been interested in all things Japanese. From the start, I was not only fascinated by traditions such as woodblock prints and the tea ceremony, but even more so by pop culture encompassing Japanese film, music, animation, etc. During my college career, I developed my knowledge of Japan with language, literature, and history courses. I spent my junior year abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo, where I honed my understanding of Japanese colloquialisms and nuances.

I am a recent graduate of New York University: Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where I created my own major involving the notions of identity, self, and otherness within the universal hero’s quest. This cross-cultural study encompassed various mediums of storytelling, including literature, graphic novels, and film. In all my creative endeavors, I adapt this interdisciplinary approach, pursuing my diverse interests with in-depth research.

I am an outstandingly self-motivated and enthusiastic individual, who adapts easily to new environments, enjoys working with equally motivated creatives, and is eager to learn. From past experiences, I have come to value effective teamwork, customer relations, and cultural sensitivity above all else.

Specialities: Japanese language, literature, film, culture, etc. Cultural Sensitivity. Screenwriting, storyboarding, creative writing, illustration, graphic novels, etc.

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