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“The Poet and the Flea”: Behind the Scenes (Part 1)

My chair & a fresh pad of bristol board.

A brigade of pens, markers, etc.

Brand-new X-Acto knife & replacement blades, my slightly worn cutting mat, & Tintin Band-Aids (just in case).

You can never have enough erasers. (The tweezers come in handy, too.)

My top-secret notebook (which I ended up not actually using for this project, whoops!)

My computer: a very important tool.

Research: Dante’s “Divine Comedy” with illustrations by William Blake (gotta love Penguin Classics!).

My friends… they keep me company while I work.

The view outside my window!

My trustworthy wastebasket.

The perils of refilling Copic markers. (Or am I just unskilled?)


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