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Brief Update

Here is a brief update on my current creative projects and endeavors…!

  1. The Poet and the Flea: yesterday, received package with new art supplies, hurrah.
  2. Temporarily putting The Poet and the Flea and the Jeremy Blake/Theresa Duncan screenplay aside to work on a new project…
  3. New Project: transforming my short story entitled “Robots Are a Girl’s Best Friend” into a 5-8 page script!! Been working on this for the past few days and hopefully will complete in the next few days.
  4. Decided to put jukepopserials.com on the back burner…
  5. Yesterday, discovered BBC Writers Room!! The only problem is that I don’t live in the U.K. BUT they seem to occasionally have international opportunities, exhibit A: International Radio Playwrighting Competition 2012. Signed up for their newsletter and will keep my peepers peeled.

To Do:

  • Complete script for Robots Are a Girl’s Best Friend.
  • Apply to the Bluecat Screenplay Competition
  • Apply to The American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest

P.S. I encourage all aspiring filmmakers to sign up with www.stage32.com!!


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